For many years (I just turned 82), chiropractic adjustment has been a cornerstone of my healthy living regime. I've moved around the northeast a good bit. When I settled locally, I decided to check out a practitioner by the name of Jamie Noeth. I believe I was expecting a guy. Imagine my surprise to discover that Dr.Jamie Noeth was a slender, elegantly dressed woman wearing fashionable high heels no less. Folks. Dr. Jamie is great. She seems to have a magic formula for coaxing your body into al

Janice Minott, Letters from Kabul 1966-1968

I just wanted to thank you again for the foot scan and Foot Levelers shoes. This is the first time that I can be on my feet without pain. The shoes are so comfortable, and I feel like the shoes are actually healing my feet. Although I would have paid any amount to be able to regain my former level of activity, I really appreciate the affordability of the custom made shoes. I can't wait to order my sandals!! Thanks Again,

L.B. | Sullivan County, NY

For the past nine years, under the effective, skilled care of Dr. Jamie, my respect for the Chiropractic profession has increased. My Chiropractic care with Dr. Jamie is an invaluable, energizing experience for maintaining wellness for myself.

Ann Krupski | Livingston Manor, NY

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