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Dr. Jamie Marie Noeth was introduced to holistic chiropractic care at an early age. Like many people, Dr. Noeth's mother struggled with severe asthma which required hospital care and medical treatments. Out of desperation, her mom turned to alternative health care. Within three months, she was off drugs and completely asthma free. Dr. Noeth's family was convinced by the healing power of the chiropractic care. They began using their holistic chiropractor for monthly preventative maintenance.

Dr. Noeth started working with her chiropractor when she turned sixteen (16). She saw many miraculous things happen to people with all kinds of ailments. Holistic chiropractic was not limited to just treating back pain. Dr. Jamie was fascinated and inspired by this holistic approach and set her sights on healing others in the same manner. She graduated Monticello High School in 1984 and headed to Adelphi University to pursue her dream of becoming a Chiropractor. Jamie graduated from Adelphi University with honors, and received her Bachelor of Science in 1988. She was awarded a doctorate degree in 1992 from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, which is recognized nationally for its innovative chiropractic program.

After completing her internship in Florida, Dr. Noeth returned to her home town of Bethel to open her own practice. Dr. Noeth is the proud owner and director of Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness Center, which is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.  Dr. Jamie has been helping people with many types of health concerns for the over twenty years. Her Wellness Center offers a team approach and provides services to heal the Body, Mind and Spirit. Dr. Noeth frequently attends continuing education classes for chiropractic and alternative care so that she is able to offer patients the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care available.

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